Northern Neck Kennel Club 2024 Classes

Northern Neck Partners for Pets – Fricke Pavilion
790 Devils Bottom Road, Lancaster

Cost for six weeks of lessons:
$60 NNKC Members
$80 Non-members

Participants must show proof of age-appropriate vaccinations

Registration: If you are interested in a class, please contact the instructor prior to filling out the class registration form, they will be able to give you up-to-date dates and times of the classes they are teaching. There may not be any available slots. DO NOT send your class registration to the PO BOX! If you do not hear back from the instructor, you are not enrolled in that class.

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Introduction to Agility

Class is for dogs at least 8 months old who have completed Basic Obedience, Obedience I, or have permission of the instructor. In this class you and your dog learn the basic skills to be successful in agility classes. Pre-agility equipment will used to get you and your dog familiar with what agility is. Skills taught include targeting, staying on table, jumping, feet awareness, going through a barrel, walking on a board, balancing on a wobble board, teamwork and more. This class can be taken as a stand-alone fun class or in preparation for more advanced classes. All work is done on lead. Class size is limited to 7 dog and handler teams. Contact Instructor Sandy Saxer for registration.

Agility for Fun

Agility for Fun is for dogs that have completed Introduction to Agility or have other experience with agility. This is an informal agility class where courses will be run and new equipment will be introduced and practiced - including dog walk, A-frame, weave poles, tunnel, and teeter. This is a great bonding experience for you and your dog, gaining confidence for both of you. It’s great exercise, too! Contact Instructor Sandy Saxer for registration.

Canine Good Citizen

January 9, 2024, 12-1pm

The CGC is the premier starter test for good dog manners and behavior. Students and dogs must be proficient in obedience skills, have completed Basic Obedience II or have permission from the instructor. Your dog should be able to sit, down, stay, and pay attention to you when you ask it to, and must be well-behaved around other dogs. Dogs must be at least 8 months old. The Canine Good Citizen (CGC) class will help you and your dog’s learn about and practice the skills and behaviors needed to pass the 10 items on the AKC CGC test. ( -good-citizen.). Contact Instructor Peny Gallogly @ for registration.

Rally Comp

January 9 2024, 9:30 -11:00am

Contact Peny Gallogly @ for details.

Rally Novice Obedience Class

Session to last for six (6) weeks. Class size is limited to four (4) dog and handler teams. Students and dogs must be proficient in obedience skills, have completed advanced basic obedience or canine good citizen class, and have permission of the instructor. About the class: In Rally Obedience, dog and handler teams progress around a course, with the dog on the left and the stations (numbered signs) on the right. The signs tell the team what to do. There are five levels of competition: novice, intermediate, advanced, excellent, and masters. This class will introduce novice and intermediate rally obedience exercises. For more information, see: Skills taught in class include: Handler-dog communication and teamwork; how to perform novice-level rally exercises, and the requirements for a qualifying performance. Each week new rally stations will be introduced and a course will be set up for each dog and handler team to perform. Contact Peny Gallogly,, to set up a time to meet before registering for the class.

Puppy Kindergarten/Introduction to Obedience Class

January 23, 2024, 3-4 pm

This class is for puppies 12 weeks to one year old. Older dogs may be eligible to attend this class with the approval of the instructor. Puppies in this class will learn basic skills including sit, down, stay, come, how to greet a person, walking on a loose leash and puppy socialization. Positive training methods are used to teach skills. How it works: Attend an AKC S.T.A.R. Puppy class for at least 6 weeks. Your instructor will administer the AKC S.T.A.R. Puppy test at the end of the course. Upon passing the test, you’ll get an application to send to AKC® for enrollment in the AKC S.T.A.R. Puppy Program. All dogs are welcome to participate in the program including purebreds and mixed breeds. For more information on the S.T.A.R. program, Click Here. Handlers will learn training techniques that can be used in all future obedience classes. This is a prerequisite for Obedience I. Contact Gloria Daniels, to register. Instructors: Gloria Daniels, Katherine Skerl, Margie Brown

Basic Obedience I

January 25, 2024, 3-4 pm

Basic Obedience I is for dogs at least 8 months old that have attended “Introduction to Basic Obedience” or another basic obedience class and have instructor's approval. Training will build on skills learned in “Introduction to Basic Obedience” class, including, sit, down, stay, recall, heel and how to greet a person. Dogs in this class should be familiar with wearing a collar, know what a marker/release word is, how to walk on a loose leash and be comfortable around other dogs. Turns (left, right and about turns) will be taught in this class, along with figure 8 and novice obedience courses. Contact Gloria Daniels,, to register. Instructors: Gloria Daniels, Katherine Skerl, Margie Brown

Click here for the Obedience Progression Chart

Tricks Class

January 25, 2024, 11 am-12 noon

Everything is a trick? It’s all fun for you and your dog. Trick for Fun Classes utilize props, praise, and lots of treats to get your dog to perform a host of stunts to earn the AKC Trick Dog Novice title at the conclusion of the class. We will train multiple tricks, build on the learned tricks, and explore the various techniques to train tricks. Tricks are a fun way to enhance your relationship with your dog, build confidence, learn new skills, and have a great time with your dog. Contact Instructor Kim Bolster

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Peny cares deeply about enhancing human-dog relationships, and she loves helping her students learn how to help their dogs learn. She became involved in competitive dog performance sports when she got her first Italian Greyhound in 1993. Since then she has trained and titled multiple dogs in competitive Obedience, Rally, and Agility, through Master-level competition. Peny taught obedience and agility with A Click Above in Leesburg, VA, from 1998 until 2012, when she moved to the Northern Neck. Since that time she has taught agility and obedience for the NNKC, as well as other local clubs. Peny lives with her Italian Greyhounds, and volunteers regularly for the Animal Welfare League.